About Chandler Academy

Chandler Academy is a private academic elementary  school educating children from kindergarten through eighth grade.


Our Philosophy: that each child is unique and deserves to develop successfully in a educational environment.  We celebrate knowledge as an enlightenment that should be encouraged as the child develops.


Our Mission: to foster a true love of learning in each child at their individual pace while building a strong foundation for future success in school and life.       


Chandler Academy was founded in 1996 in the effort to promote a love for learning at the elementary level. We reside on a five acre campus in Milton, Georgia. Chandler Academy's educational enviroment is in a rural setting surrounded by agriculture.  There is a vegetable garden for the students to learn about plant growth, sustainability, and healthy living.


Chandler Acadamy practices a non-discriminatory admission policy and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin or religion. 

Chandler Academy

13580 Hopewell Rd,

Milton, GA 30004