Our Admissions

Tuition for students at Chandler Academy is 8000.00 per school year

if tuition is paid in advance of the school year. The first half of tuition

is due December 1 and the second half of tuition is due June 1. 


Due dates for tuition.

4000.00 December 1st, after due date 4500.00.

4000.00 June 1st, after due date 4500.00.


Weekly tuition rate is $250.00 a week.

Daily tuition is $50 a day.

Afterschool is $15 a day.

Testing fees are 200.00 per child.


There are no refunds on prepaid or paid tuition or on testing fees.

Admissions Process


Call 770-346-0509 to request more information and receive a tour of our facility


Fill out an application and have your child tested for admission


Enroll your student at Chandler Academy

We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 30 days of testing.

Chandler Academy

13580 Hopewell Rd,

Milton, GA 30004